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How to Save on Charter Yachts

Charter Yachts

Summer is ending in some places, but not in others, and somewhere there is a yacht waiting to be chartered for pleasure or for business. When you find yourself in a market for chartered yacht, you might be wondering if there are some ways to save money while booking this extravagant entertainment. We can tell you – yes, there are some saving strategies even for charter yachts. Read on to find out!

How to choose the best charter company?

Charter Small Yacht

Before you go about booking any charter company, you need to decide when and where you will travel. That usually involves a charter company and an airline, unless you live in Florida and just want to take a day cruise around a few islands.
If you have an exotic destination in mind, you will most definitely have to pay high price for plane tickets and spend days of traveling back and forth. Yes, cruising around Australia sounds fun, but you can possibly double your cruising charter time if you choose a closer destination, like Florida or California.

Charter companies are known to offer special deals at destinations where chartering is in low demand, just like airlines. This means that if you won’t always go where you want, but instead follow the deals, you might get 10 days of sailing for the price of To get such deals you should check charter companies’ websites as most charter brokers won’t rush to offer you that.
Wherever you choose to go, always check 2nd Tier charter companies, which specialize in older, but very nice boats for great savings.
Finally, your best savings would come from talking to the direct owner of a yacht from the charter fleet. We are talking about 50% or so!

How to save money on the airline tickets?

Let’s talk about flying now. While airlines are very competitive, they are getting more expensive every year for some reason. The deals change constantly, both domestic and international, the rates and fees are added on top, seats are paid, and all of it is just very confusing. Here is a thing that not many people know – the biggest charter companies, like Dream Yacht Charter, Moorings, and Sunsail, all have in-house full service travel desks that can work out some spectacular savings on airline tickets. The best time ty fly is mid-week, because then you will not only save money, but also avoid crowds that travel during weekends. Charter companies are also less busy during the week and will provide you with a better and more relaxed service.

When is the best season to charter a yacht?

Rented Pleasure Yacht

We all know that people are supposed to go to Mediterranean in July and to the Caribbean in December, right? But did you know that you will save 30-60% and avoid crowds if you will go to the former May-June or September and the latter in October-November or May-June?

Always try to book your charter for the edges of high season. For example if high season for your chosen area is April, book for late March or early May. You will still get great weather, but also save money, avoid crowds, enjoy better rates for entertainment, and experience better service.

How should you choose the best boat?

This is very important and will make the bulk of your expenses. What matters in a boat is the count of berths and heads (bathrooms). Similar boats can be priced very differently across different charter companies, so always compare.

Charter Boat

The boats are very different in length too, which affects the price. For example, 3 cabin-boats range from 34 to 46 feet. The difference is in the number of heads. If you can deal with less of them, savings will be significant.

This is to illustrate our point about price difference with 3-stateroom boats:

What kind of extras will you need?

When you start looking for a charter boat, little things become important: dinghy, local cruising permits, insurance, cleaning fees, outboard in Europe, taxi service, cell phone connection and Wi-Fi, fuel, toys, water, ice, snorkel gear, GPS, and others. All of those things cost extra, so check what’s included when comparing prices.
P.S. bring your own snorkel gear, except fins.

How about hotels?

The best practice is to avoid hotels. Most charter companies will let you sleep on board the night of the arrival for 50% off day cost. This way you can settle in, unpack, learn about the boat, and even complete the boat briefing. If you do this, you will not only save money, but will be able to sail off early in the morning and have a full day.

How should you buy provisions?

All charter companies offer to purchase provisions and staples from them, with a significant mark up, of course. It is very convenient and very expensive – about $25 per person per day + beverages + $25 per person per week for staples. This amounts to about $1,170 for a week not including the beverages. Lots of shopping can be done for that kind of price!
You can and should bring your own provisions. You can freeze everything to rock at home and bring it in a large checked-in duffel bag if you are flying or get to the base earlier and shop at a local grocery store. If you bring stuff from home, buy local fresh produce and beverages before boarding.

This is why you should do that:

Charter Fishing Boat

On the final note, while you are on the charter boat, your main expense will be eating out on the shore. Cooking your own elaborate feasts is cheap and amazing. If you don’t want to do that, at least have some cocktails onboard before leaving for a restaurant and don’t order drinks while there.

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